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Better Late than Never


The winner to the long awaited screenshot labor day contest is hukt0nf0nikz. Congratulations! Your screenshot is now featured in the sidebar. All screenshots from the contest can be found in the gallery.

The maps page has also been updated with new images. You can thank CrewmanInRed for most of them.

Website Updates and Screenshot Contest


Map downloads have been updated and can be found in the shiny new nav above here.

There is a new screenshot contest running until the end of the week (Friday). More details can be found here:

Screenshot Saturday Results Are In


We had a small turnout, but I announced the contest fairly late and not too many people knew about it. We'll be doing more of these in the future so save up some of your best screenshots for the next one.

The winner for the very first Screenshot Saturday is Sanchezenia! Your screenshot will be featured in the sidebar for the next couple weeks. All of the screenshots can be viewed in the gallery.

New Website


It's about time for a fresh look to the cheeseburger vacation website, so here we are. Mobile styles still need improvement and I may be moving some things around.

Image gallery can be found here.

Let me know what you think on Reddit or Twitter.